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Michael Jordan, in general

A brief history of the world and the late 1990s Chicago Bulls.

"This is the version of him that has no future or past. No ex-wife or kids, no off-court life. He lives in the United Center. He doesn't fuss with food or water. There are whole months in the air, between the floor and the rim. This moment of quiet and loud gets stuck on repeat. Michael Jordan shoots, swishes, but a lot of times he just stands, lit. An occasional swivel. Rotates like a figurine. Television size. He could dribble his basketball in the palm of your hand."


Michael Jordan Has Not Left The Building

A profile of Jordan at 50.


Playboy Interview: Michael Jordan

A conversation with a 29-year-old approaching his apex.



The playground, the Ivy League, the triangle offense,  and how we dreamed up a “black basketball” and “white basketball.”


Did This Man Really Cut Michael Jordan?

On Clifton “Pop” Herring, the then-26-year-old high school basketball coach who famously left Jordan off the varsity squad as a sophomore.


Jordan’s Moment

The story of one of the great final acts in sports history.