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Death and Anger on Everest

The unequal risk of climbing Mount Everest.


Death at the Summit

The rise and fall of Intrade, the betting market for world events—elections, hurricanes, Academy Awards—and the death of its CEO near the top of Everest.


Maxed Out on Everest

On the dangerous glut of visitors looking to conquer Mt. Everest, where there is sometimes a two-hour wait to climb the Hillary Step.


Lost on Everest

The harrowing first ascent of the mountain’s West Ridge.


Murdering the Impossible

A profile of Reinhold Messner, the greatest mountain climber of all time.


Take a Number

Why people keep dying on Mount Everest.


Everest, the Grandaddy of Walking Adventures

Eco-tourism in the Himalayas.

The valley is everything you'd want and more. An icy milky river thunders over rocks and below steep wooded slopes are lush fields where people are working the land, oblivious to the Gore-Tex procession. Oblivious but not unaffected: the houses are smart, the prayer wheels freshly painted, just about everyone has a mobile phone, it seems, and is on it, and there are very few places you can't get a signal around here. This is not really the place to come if you're looking for peace and quiet.


Higher, Colder, Deadlier

A group of childhood friends, two of whom had already climbed Everest, finds tragedy on Mont Blanc.


Into Thin Air

Fifty-four days after his group’s Everest climb turned tragic, Krakauer first told the story of what had gone wrong.