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Why Did Two Parents Murder Their Adopted Child?

Asunta Fong Yang was adopted as a baby by a wealthy Spanish couple. Aged 12, she was found dead beside a country road. Not long after, her mother and father were arrested.


The Dark Underside of the Show-Dog World

“He died like a dog, because he was a dog, but not just any dog.”

The mysterious death of a champion Irish setter.


The Man Who Solved His Own Murder

In 2006, Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian spy working for British intelligence, was poisoned. As he lay dying, he worked with detectives to find his killer.


The Long Fall of Phoebe Jonchuck

Last February, John Jonchuck Jr. dropped his 5-year-old daughter off a bridge to her death. This is the story of what happened, and what didn’t, in the years before the murder made headlines.


When a Kid Kills His Longtime Abuser, Who's the Victim?

Vengeance, abuse, and the strange double standards of death penalty politics.


Do We Not Bleed? - Inside the Stephen Lawrence Trial

In 1993 a black teenager in London was randomly stabbed to death by a gang of white youths. Twenty years later, they would be at the center of the trial of the decade.


A College Romance That Led to Murder

Thirty years ago, Elizabeth Haysom and Jens Soering fell in love as freshman at the University of Virginia. It was the same year Haysom’s parents were brutally murdered. Each says the other committed the crime.


Death of a Playmate

Dorothy Stratten was the focus of the dreams and ambitions of three men. One killed her.

The winner of the 1981 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing, available online for the first time.


"I Killed Him Because He Was Snitching"

An unlikely friendship bloomed in Oxford, Mississippi between a 30-year-old drug dealer and a college-bound teen after a chance meeting at a hotel pool. Then the dealer began to suspect that his friend was one of the 30 or so confidential informants that Metro Narcotics recruits from around the college town each year.


How To Get Away With (the Perfect) Murder

Who killed four people in the French Alps?


Murder Most Yale

No one knew how Suzanne Jovin ended up in a wealthy neighborhood away from Yale’s campus in New Haven, or why she was brutally stabbed on the sidewalk, apparently by someone she knew. The only suspect that police named was her thesis advisor.


Whatsoever Things Are True

Thirty-three years ago, a Chicago man was sentenced to death for murder. In 1999, another man confessed to the crime. Today, they are both free.