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Nazi Germany

7 articles

The Secret Life of Max Stern

The Nazis stole his family’s paintings, but Max Stern escaped and became one of Canada’s leading art dealers. Now, 20 after his death, he is changing the rules of restitution.


The Conspiracists: The Reichstag Fire

How the Third Reich was founded on a conspiracy theory.


The Nazi Anatomists

How the corpses of Hitler’s victims still haunt modern science—and American abortion politics.


Hiding in N. Virginia, a Daughter of Auschwitz

The quiet life of Brigette Höss, 80, whose father ran Auschwitz.


Concentration Camp

An anonymous essay on time spent in “protective custody” at a Nazi camp.


Mengele’s Skull

Tracking the Nazi doctor’s bones through South America.


Giving Hitler Hell

Arnold Weiss escaped Germany as a kid in 1938, leaving his family behind. He returned seven years later, now a U.S. intelligence officer tasked with tracking down fugitive Nazis. The ultimate revenge story.