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Reflections on Villaplane

A French soccer star's rise and fall from sports to cons to the Nazi Party.

"I watched, horrified, as she let Villaplane into her home, followed by three other men. I took aim, putting my finger on the trigger of my pistol. Then I remembered the Communist Party order not to assassinate individuals, and as the door closed, I ran to find my friends. It was too late: they had been arrested by the Brigade Nord-Africaine. An Arabic soldier pointed a gun at me, telling me to give up any weapons and join the others. My comrades and I were marched to a ditch and ordered to line up with our hands on our heads. I stood on the far right as three men in SS uniform marched into view."


Heil Hipster

Young neo-Nazis attempt to rebrand hate.


The Conspiracists: The Reichstag Fire

How the Third Reich was founded on a conspiracy theory.


Being the Son of a Nazi

What Rüdiger Heim learned about his father.

Excerpted from The Eternal Nazi.


My Father, the Good Nazi

Horst von Wächter confronts - and rationalizes - a difficult family legacy.


Bitter Spoils

The secret history of the Wildensteins, the art world’s richest and most powerful family, whose legendary vaults likely include counterfeits and works stolen by the Nazis.