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new york times

16 articles

Changing Times

A profile of Jill Abramson from her first weeks as executive editor of The New York Times.


Reston On His Laurels

James Reston’s problematic proximity to the powerful.


Mr. Bad News

A profile of New York Times obituary writer Alden Whitman.


Deal Me Out

Andrew Ross Sorkin’s intimate coverage of Wall Street.


“"Most Well-Known and Beloved Chinese Role Model”"

Lunch with recycling tycoon Chen Guangbiao, the self-described “Most Influential Person of China,” to discuss his interest in buying The New York Times.


The Man Who Disappeared

At one time, a whole generation of New York Times reporters wished they could write like McCandlish Phillips. Then he left them all for God.


The Suit in the Newsroom

A profile of New York Times Company CEO Mark Thompson.


A Court Of No Appeal

How one obscure sentence upset the New York Times.


Hackers in China Attacked The Times for Last 4 Months

The paper reports on a battle of its own.


Thank You for Killing My Novel

His book panned in the New York Times after being misread by the critic, an author responds.


A New York Times Whodunit

On the ouster of CEO Janet Robinson and the company’s financial woes.


Kennedy Is Killed By Sniper As He Rides In Car In Dallas; Johnson Sworn In On Plane

Tom Wicker was without a notebook on November 22, 1963. Instead, reported Gay Talese, he “scribbled his observations and facts across the back of a mimeographed itinerary of Kennedy’s two-day tour of Texas.”

Here’s the 3,700-word masterpiece he filed.


The United States of America vs. Bill Keller

Inside the complicated world of running The New York Times.


Dealing With Julian Assange and the Secrets He Spilled

On the cloak and dagger dealings between The New York Times and WikiLeaks. Adapted from Executive Editor Bill Keller’s forthcoming ebook, Open Secrets: WikiLeaks, War and American Diplomacy: Complete and Updated Coverage from The New York Times.


The Man Who Spilled the Secrets

The backstory on Julian Assange’s relationship with the Guardian and the New York Times.


Correcting the Record

The New York Times reveals the deception of 27-year-old reporter Jayson Blair.