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6 articles

Rape Case Unfolds on Web and Splits City

A rape case in which most of the evidence lies in the archives of Twitter and Instagram divides a football-crazed town of 18,400.


Did Barack Obama Save Ohio?

The Buckeye State’s fortunes and the fight for credit.


Crimetown, U.S.A.

The mob and Youngstown, Ohio: a love story.


At Home, Asking How ‘Our Bobby’ Became War Crime Suspect

From a small Ohio town to Afghanistan, a portrait of the perpetrator of a massacre.


Sex Thief

One part rapist, one part con-man; the story of the seemingly unconvictable Hy Doan.


A Pigeon in Piketown

The shooting death of the last wild Passenger Pigeon, atomic energy, mastodon watering holes, and other footnotes in Ohio history.