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How Brazil's Richest Man Lost $34.5 Billion

Oil and iron-ore baron Eike Batista’s very bad year.


The Long Con: How The Manziels Conquered America

The family history behind college football’s most talked-about player.



On the economics, impact, and communities of the international pipeline.


Empire of Ice

Life on an oil rig in the Arctic.


The Crackdown

The United States, which took a forceful stance on other Arab revolts, remained relatively passive in the face of the kingdom’s unrest and crackdown. To many who are familiar with the region, this came as no surprise: of all the Arab states that saw revolts last year, Bahrain is arguably the most closely tied to American strategic interests.

A report on Bahrain, the Arab Spring’s most ill-fated uprising.


Kuwait on the Prairie

A report from the oil boom in North Dakota, where unemployment is 3.4 percent and McDonald’s gives out $300 signing bonuses.


The Man Who Bought North Dakota

A profile of Harold Hamm, oil baron.


Reversal of Fortune

Steven Donziger, an American lawyer, headed up a successful lawsuit against Chevron on behalf of Ecuadorans. Then the legal tables turned on him.


Commodity traders: The trillion dollar club

Who simultaneously did business with the U.S. government, the besieged Syrian regime, and the Libyan rebels last month? The group of 16 trading houses that collectively are “worth over a trillion dollars in annual revenue and control more than half the world’s freely traded commodities.”


Dubai on Empty

The surreal afterlife of the once-ascendant Dubai, where “the legacy of oil has made everything worthless.”