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Other Favorites

14 articles

My Father’s Fashion Tips

The writer on his father's religious devotion to personal style. Among the maxims: "the turtleneck is the most flattering thing a man can wear"; "there is nothing like a fresh burn"; and "always wear white to the face."


Letters From an Arsonist

Thomas Sweatt torched D.C. for decades and was finally jailed for killing one person. During a year-long correspondence from prison with a reporter, he confessed there were more.


$5 Chess Game, Best-of-Three, Zuccotti Park

On playing chess and waiting to get arrested.


The Killer Cadets

How two love-struck, type A high schoolers almost got away with murder.


Inhaling the Spore

A trip to the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles.


Jordan’s Moment

The story of one of the great final acts in sports history.


Just What the Doctor Ordered

Pitching a no-hitter in the middle of a multi-day acid bender was only one of Dock Ellis’ many amazing exploits.


The Secret of Self-Control

Would you rather have one marshmallow now or two in a few minutes? How a kid’s answer to that question can predict his or her life trajectory.


The Big Fish

The rise and fall of Suck.com, the web’s first daily-updated site.


The Real Heroes Are Dead

The epic life story of Rick Rescorla: immigrant, war hero, husband, and head of security at Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter, occupant of 22 floors in the South Tower.


The Crack in the Shield

The rise and fall of the Seven-Seven - stationed in the war zone of 1980’s Crown Heights, Brooklyn - and how an idealistic young recruit became part of cash-snatching, drug-reselling, renegade clique of cops


Where the Ghost Bird Sings

The author investigates the massive wildlife die-off in the Salton Sea by rafting from its tributaries in Mexico.



For sixty years, the weekly Evening Whirl attacked the drug lords, whoring preachers, and hypocritical bourgeoisie of St. Louis’ black community, sometimes in rhyming Iambic couplets.


House of War

The bloody, often surreal, fight for Kosovo’s independence was led by a man moonlighting as a roofer in Switzerland.