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The Cure For Fear

A single pill could take the sting out of our memories of trauma.


The Disappearing Soldier

An army vet vanishes in upstate New York.


Can Surfing Reprogram the Veteran’s Brain?

An ex-SEAL turns to “ocean therapy” to cope with chronic pain and PTSD.

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The Parrots of Serenity Park

The surprising bond between damaged birds and traumatized veterans.


In Unit Stalked by Suicide, Veterans Try to Save One Another

One Marine battalion has had four members kill themselves in just the last year. The soldiers have jury-rigged a system of Facebook notifications and Google spreadsheets to try to stop it.


Fiction Pick of the Week: "Fort"

Troubles and afflictions weigh on counselors and veterans.

"The Fort was actually just an ugly house. Eighteen rooms, two stories. A kitchen, a lavatory, a staircase. One office, one entrance, two exits, thirty-six bunks, four televisions, the mini-library, two footballs, one fútbol, a basketball, and the whole of Big Ben, the biggest backyard in Texas. It housed between twenty-one and thirty-two bodies a year. Most of them stayed a couple months. They found us through each other."


How I Learned To Be OK With Feeling Sad

It wasn’t easy, or cheap.


In and Out of Time in Iraq

An essay on PTSD.


Partial Recall

Can neuroscience take the pain out of painful memories?


Ecstatic States

Can an illegal drug heal PTSD?


A Soldier's Wife

A year and a half with Candace Desmond-Woods, whose husband, and Iraq war veteran, suffers from PTSD and alcoholism.


In the Crosshairs

On decorated sniper Chris Kyle and the troubled young veteran who took his life.