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17 articles

Partial Recall

Can neuroscience take the pain out of painful memories?


Ecstatic States

Can an illegal drug heal PTSD?


A Soldier's Wife

A year and a half with Candace Desmond-Woods, whose husband, and Iraq war veteran, suffers from PTSD and alcoholism.


In the Crosshairs

On decorated sniper Chris Kyle and the troubled young veteran who took his life.


Hearts and Minds

How PTSD spreads from returning soldiers to their families.


A Night to Forget

A tragic car crash, its lone survivor, and his reeling town.


The Mystery of Why Marine Noah Pippin Went AWOL

The search for a missing soldier.


The Last Tour

A decorated Iraq war veteran with PTSD kills his brother and himself after a high-speed chase near the Grand Canyon.


The Forgetting Pill Erases Painful Memories Forever

“In the very near future, the act of remembering will become a choice.”


Army vet with PTSD sought the treatment he needed by taking hostages – but got jail instead

The story of Robert Quinones:

Fifteen months of carnage in Iraq had left the 29-year-old debilitated by post-traumatic stress disorder. But despite his doctor’s urgent recommendation, the Army failed to send him to a Warrior Transition Unit for help. The best the Department of Veterans Affairs could offer was 10-minute therapy sessions — via videoconference. So, early on Labor Day morning last year, after topping off a night of drinking with a handful of sleeping pills, Quinones barged into Fort Stewart’s hospital, forced his way to the third-floor psychiatric ward and held three soldiers hostage, demanding better mental health treatment.


The Agony and the Ecstasy

A clinical test is underway to evaluate MDMA—ecstasy—as a treatment for PTSD.


I'm Gonna Need You to Fight Me on This

A reporter on how violent sex helped ease her PTSD.


Aftershock: The Blast That Shook Psycho Platoon

In January 2009, a U.S. platoon came under rocket attack in Iraq. Two years later, how the event changed the soldiers’ lives.


The Man Who Saw Too Much

On the psychology of a rescue worker after years of responding to disaster.


Three Minutes to Fort Totten

The story of a deadly collision on the D.C. Metro, told from surviving passengers’ point of view.


Priority One

What happens to a subway operator after someone commits suicide by jumping in front of his train?


Following a Script to Escape a Nightmare

An emerging school of therapy says that scripting your dreams while awake could eliminate the worst ones. Not everyone thinks that’s healthy.