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A Drug Rehab Mogul Built an Empire That's Now Being Probed by the FBI, DA, and State of California

He’s been accused of fraud, sexual assault, and using drugs. But for Chris Bathum, who doesn’t have prior experience treating people struggling with addiction, opening several facilities promising to do just that has been surprisingly easy—and lucrative.


After Rehabilitation, the Best of Michael Phelps May Lie Ahead

Michael Phelps returns to his Olympic training after a 45-day stint at The Meadows.


The Rehab Racket

The death of one Nevada man in a chaotic, unregulated, and expensive industry.


The Celebrity Rehab of Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew has turned addiction television into a mini-empire, offering treatment and cameras to celebrities who have fallen far enough to take the bait.  His motivations, he insists, are pure:

Whether the doctor purposefully cultivates his celebrity stature for noble means or wittingly invites it because he himself likes being in the spotlight, he is operating on the assumption that his empathetic brand of TV will breed empathy instead of the more likely outcome, that it will just breed more TV.


Inside David Foster Wallace’s Private Self-Help Library

Text from the books and Foster Wallace’s corresponding annotations:

Along with all the Wittgenstein, Husserl and Borges, he read John Bradshaw, Willard Beecher, Neil Fiore, Andrew Weil, M. Scott Peck and Alice Miller. Carefully.


Hitting Bottom

Is Dr. Drew’s “Celebrity Rehab” therapy or tabloid voyeurism?