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A Shooting on Spring Grove Avenue

The mystery of a death in Dallas.


96 Minutes

An oral history of the University of Texas Tower massacre.


The Fourth State of Matter

A week in the author’s life when it became impossible to control the course of events.


Report on Texas Tower Shooting

The noon chimes in the bell-clock tower rising above him to the building's 307-foot pinnacle sounded: pom-pom-pom-pom . . . 16 notes, high and sweet. Some say the chimes say a poem: "Lord, through this hour "Be Thou my guide, "For in Thy power "I do confide." After the chimes, there is a long pause -- 23 seconds if you hold a wristwatch on it -- time enough for a practiced man to reload three rifles and a shotgun.

“Doc” Quigg’s wire report on the 1966 Texas Tower shooting on the campus of UT-Austin.


What Would Gabby Do?

On the post-shooting life of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.


Veteran Kills 12 In Mad Rampage on Camden Street

A blow-by-blow account of Howard Unruh’s slow, deadly walk through Camden, New Jersey – filed an hour before deadline.


Deadly Secrets: How California Law Has Shielded Oakland Police Violence

On the difficulties of holding Oakland’s thin blue line accountable.


What Made This University Scientist Snap?

How the culture of academia helped Amy Bishop, a University of Alabama scientist who murdered colleagues during a faculty meeting, fall apart.


"I Heard the Shots and Ran Toward the Sound"

The Gabrielle Giffords shooting, from the vantage point of three central figures: Daniel Hernandez helped save the congresswoman’s life; Patricia Maisch stopped the shooter from reloading; Bill Badger tackled him.