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7 articles

The Steroid Hunt

What baseball writers did during the steroid era.


Chasing A-Rod

The war between Major League Baseball and Alex Rodriguez, “fought with six-figure payoffs in the tanning salons and strip malls of South Florida.”


A Miami Clinic Supplies Drugs to Sports' Biggest Names

An investigation into the Dr. Anthony Bosch and his “East Coast version of BALCO,” which allegedly supplied baseball stars Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera and others with performance-enhancing drugs.


To Cheat or Not to Cheat

The untold story of steroids in baseball.


Con Artist Starred in Sting That Cost Google Millions

How the U.S. government used a serial con who was caught running a mail-order steroid pharmacy in Mexico to prove that Google was knowingly placing ads for illegal drugs.


Baseball Without Metaphor

A profile of Barry Bonds published as the steroid talk intensified.


Chasing Jose

What one learns about Jose Canseco while trying, unsuccessfully, to interview Jose Canseco.