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The Keyhole Seven

What went wrong when a group of canyoneers was caught by a flash flood in Zion National Park.


Marooned Among the Polar Bears

A helicopter pilot crash-lands in the Arctic.


Sixty-Nine Days

How the Chilean miners survived.


Souvenirs: An Excerpt

Abandoned children make a home in a hollowed-out school bus.

"The dead squirrel lies shocked on the floor, spun down by lightning last night, claw-up and crusted. The little girl uses a knife to split the thing down its belly and starts peeling. Lucky, she says to her brother. You’re lucky I’ll share with you. Aunt Helen brushes their hair, one by one, picks insects and sticker vine from their legs. A night like all nights: She leaves through the front door without saying goodbye. The children blow kisses. They pray for their mother. They sleep."


The Man Who Sailed His House

Two days after the Japanese tsunami, after the waves had left their destruction, as rescue workers searched the ruins, news came of an almost surreal survival: Miles out at sea, a man was found, alone, riding on nothing but the roof of his house.

The Castaways

Five Mexican fishermen head out with enough supplies for several days. They’re gone for nine months. A story of survival in the South Pacific.


Death of an Innocent

The original story of Christopher McCandless’ fateful trip into the Alaskan wilderness.