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Why ISIS is winning the social media war.

Brendan Koerner on the Longform Podcast

Once Upon a Jihad

Life and death with the young and radicalized.


Hidden Damages

After his daughter died in a terrorist attack, Stephen Flatow won an unprecedented judgment against her killers. Then he had to figure out how to actually collect.


The Fight for Mosul

A report from the border of ISIS territory in Iraq, where civilians are battling to survive.


The Narco-Terror Trap

The DEA warns that drugs are funding terror. But is the agency stopping threats or staging them?


Magical Thinking About ISIS

On the response to the Paris attacks.


The Avenger

Ken Dornstein’s older brother died when a bomb exploded on Pan Am Flight 103. For the past three decades, he’s been obsessed with identifying who’s really responsible.


The Imam’s Curse

The family accused of funding the Pakistani Taliban.


The Real Heroes Are Dead

The epic life story of Rick Rescorla: immigrant, war hero, husband, and head of security at Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter, occupant of 22 floors in the South Tower.


ISIS and the Lonely Young American

An isolated 23-year-old Sunday school teacher living with her grandparents makes a new group of friends online who mail her chocolates and cash.


Five Hostages

Feeling abandoned by America, families fight to save their children from ISIS.


Rise of al-Qaida Sahara Terrorist

A profile of Moktar Belmoktar, Al-Qaida’s “most difficult employee,” who was responsible for a major attack on an Algerian BP plant and, according to U.S. and Libyan forces, was killed in an air strike on Sunday.

Rukmini Callimachi on the Longform Podcast.