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The Secret History of Tiger Woods

A father’s death, an obsession with the Navy SEALs, and a life unraveled.


Tiger's Private Struggles

An interview with Tiger Woods as he turns 40.

“I peaked at 11, to be honest with you.”

Director's Cut: 'The Man. Amen.'

Charles Pierce’s classic GQ profile of Tiger Woods, annotated.


New Tiger, Old Stripes

How the golfer hasn’t changed, post-scandal.

Try as his publicity squad might, it's tough to maintain—or now restore—the Tiger Image when former insiders sprout secret-sharing campaigns. "It's always a divorce," David Feherty, longtime commentator and golf-gab-show host, told me recently. "Tiger expects the curtains to remain drawn, and when somebody opens them, it pisses him off. He has appeared superhuman for so long, and it's like he feels the need to perpetuate that myth."


Rachel Uchitel Is Not a Madam

Celebrity, bottle service, and Tiger Woods’ unintentional introduction of “halfway hooker” into the American lexicon.