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Body Politics

How artist Petr Pavlensky uses his body and the Russian legal system as canvases.


The Czarlings: Putin's Daughters

Putin's daughter Katerina has been attending college under the surname Tikhonova and is one of the top "acrobatic rock'n'roll dance" competitors in the world.

She is the also the rumored spouse of the son of one of Russia's richest bankers. While Putin reported only $119,000 on last year's tax return, his daughter's fortune could now stretch into the billions.


Vladimir Putin’s Chess-Master Nemesis

A profile of Garry Kasparov, who exiled himself from Russia last year and is running for president of FIDE, the governing body of chess. The election has become the dirtiest in FIDE history and a proxy debate over freedom and Russia’s future; Kasparov’s opponent has the full backing of Vladimir Putin.


Putin Dreams of Empire

What U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul has seen in Russia since he arrived two and a half years ago.


"Then I Saw Them Everywhere. Children’s Belongings Were Everywhere.”

How the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 rippled around the world, from the the battlefield of Ukraine to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to the White House.


Inside the Iron Closet: What It's Like to Be Gay in Putin's Russia

The coordinated government attack on queer Russia.


One Day in the Life of Mikhail Khodorkovsky

A jailhouse interview with Vladimir Putin’s rival at the very end of his decade behind bars.


Danse Macabre

On Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet, its uncanny knack for reflecting changes in Russian politics and culture, and the recent acid attack on its artistic director.


The Wrath of Putin

Putin v. Khodorkovsky:

Almost a decade ago, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, then the owner of the Yukos Oil Company and Russia’s richest man, completely miscalculated the consequences of standing up to Vladimir Putin, then Russia’s president. Putin had Khodorkovsky arrested, completely miscalculating the consequences of putting him in prison. During his eight years in confinement, Khodorkovsky has become Russia’s most trusted public figure and Putin’s biggest political liability. As long as Putin rules Russia and Khodorkovsky continues to act like Khodorkovsky, Khodorkovsky will remain in prison—and Putin will remain terrified of him.


Upping the Ante

Protests against the Putin regime are already drawing over 100,000 in sub-zero weather; what will they become when spring arrives?


The New Decembrists

Hanging out in Moscow with Russia’s yuppie, 20-something journalist revolutionaries:

In other words, the protest was being brought to you by the same people you would have relied on, weeks earlier, for restaurant picks.

The Big Russian Life of Anna Chapman, ex-spy

A profile of the Russian spy-turned-Maxim covergirl.