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How It Ends

On settling in Los Angeles after life as a war correspondent in the Middle East.


The Lone Charge of William B. Perkins

A correspondent is thrown into an unexpected battle.

"But war is a spirit. War provides for those that it loves. It provides sometimes death and sometimes a singular and incredible safety. There were few ways in which it was possible to preserve Perkins. One way was by means of a steam-boiler. Perkins espied near him an old, rusty steam-boiler lying in the bushes. War only knows how it was there, but there it was, a temple shining resplendent with safety. With a moan of haste, Perkins flung himself through that hole which expressed the absence of the steam-pipe."


Shooting the Messengers

Is being a war correspondent worth the risk?


Out of Iraq

A war correspondent decides to rent a house in Baghdad to save money. Complications ensue.


The Decisive Ones

In post-Shock and Awe Baghdad, the relationship between a war reporter and his Iraqi guide falls apart.