Friday, February 12


Mr. (Swipe) Right?

After a year of tumult and scandal at Tinder, ousted founder Sean Rad is back in charge. Now can he — and his company — grow up?

Sunday, January 31


Death of a Troll

The story behind an online gamer’s suicide.

Thursday, January 14


The Dragnet

After Daniel Rigmaiden was arrested for a multi-million dollar fraud, he didn’t argue that he was innocent. He wasn’t. But he couldn’t understand how he had been caught. Rigmaiden had covered his tracks meticulously — the only way the cops could’ve found him, he realized, was through some secret tracking device that they had never disclosed to the public.

Thursday, January 7


Who Controls Your Facebook Feed

The humans behind the algorithm.

Tuesday, January 5


Playing for Time

A father, his dying son, and the quest to make the most profound video game ever.

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Monday, December 21


Thursday, December 17


The First Person to Hack the iPhone Built a Self-Driving Car. In His Garage.

Google and Tesla are spending billions to develop driverless technology. George Hotz used an Acura.

Monday, December 14


Dispossessed in the Land of Dreams

Suzan Russaw is 70 years old. She lived in affordable Palo Alto housing for decades. Then, in 2013, she was forced to move into her car. On the new homeless of Silicon Valley.

Wednesday, December 2


The High-Stakes Race to Rid the World of Human Drivers

On the battle between Google, Apple, Uber, and Tesla to own the driverless car market, which could be worth more than $30 billion a year.

Tuesday, December 1


How to Destroy an American Family

The Straters’ lives have been devastated by relentless cyberattacks. And there’s nothing they can do about it.

Tuesday, November 24


The Serial Swatter

How internet trolls dangerously exploit over-militarized police.

Monday, November 9


Living and Dying on Airbnb

After his father died in an Airbnb rental, the writer investigates what the company can do to improve safety.