Wednesday, January 30


The Old Man and the Tee

A combat veteran trains to be a college football placekicker.

Monday, January 21


The Force

How the United States came to spend more on defense than all the other nations of the world combined.

Thursday, January 17


Hearts and Minds

How PTSD spreads from returning soldiers to their families.


Which Way Did the Taliban Go?

As NATO leaves, the Afghan National Army grapples with a resilient Taliban.

Tuesday, January 15


The Real Cuban Missile Crisis

A reassessment of the calm, cool JFK.

Friday, January 11


One Martyr Down

An investigation into the death of a Canadian soldier in Lebanon.

Sunday, January 6


Former C.I.A. Officer Is the First to Face Prison for a Classified Leak

How John Kiriakou, a public opponent of US torture policy, became the first CIA officer convicted of leaking classified information to the press.

Friday, December 28



In 2003, a platoon of American soldiers opened fire on a family in a Baghdad intersection. A decade later, one of the shooters tracks down the survivors.


Disaster Movie

On the actors who unwittingly starred in The Innocence of Muslims.

Monday, December 10


Operation Delirium

The legacy of a secret Cold War program that tested chemical weapons on thousands of American soldiers.

Wednesday, November 21


Fort Bragg's Deadly Summer

Looking for answers following a mysterious string of slayings and suicides at the base.

Thursday, November 15