Saturday, March 12


Where Did ISIS Come From? The Story Starts Here.

Paul Bremer was briefly the Bush administration’s point person in Iraq. His decisions would have lasting consequences.

Monday, March 7


The Disappearing Soldier

An army vet vanishes in upstate New York.

Wednesday, March 2


The Man Who Made Millions Off the Afghan War

How a young Afghan trucking-company owner became spectacularly rich.

Tuesday, March 1


The Plot to Take Down a Fox News Analyst

Wayne Simmons was ideal conservative commentator. A former C.I.A. operative, he ate lunch with Donald Rumsfeld, took trips to Guantánamo aboard Air Force Two, and pumped the party line on Fox News. There was only one problem: Simmons had never been in the C.I.A.

Friday, February 26


Bearing Witness to the Rise of ISIS

The story of freelance journalist Anna Therese Day.

Monday, February 8


Can Surfing Reprogram the Veteran’s Brain?

An ex-SEAL turns to “ocean therapy” to cope with chronic pain and PTSD.

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Sunday, January 31


The Parrots of Serenity Park

The surprising bond between damaged birds and traumatized veterans.

Thursday, January 28


The Unlikely Revolutionary

A father’s search for meaning and justice five years after his son was killed during the Tahrir Square uprising.

Saturday, January 23


Friday, January 22


Why Is It So Difficult for Syrian Refugees to Get Into the U.S.?

More than 4 million Syrians have fled the war. 2,647 have made it to the United States.

Wednesday, January 20


A Deadly Deployment, a Navy SEAL’s Despair

The final days of the last Navy SEAL to die in Afghanistan.

Wednesday, December 30


Inside Gitmo: America's Shame

Why “the legal equivalent of outer space” continues to exist, fifteen years after 9/11.