Tuesday, July 31


Waiting for a Kill Shot 7,000 Miles Away

The emotional toll on drone pilots.

Tuesday, July 17


The Wedding

Erwynn Umali, Will Behrens, and the first gay wedding on a military base.

Wednesday, July 11


The Lethal Presidency of Barack Obama

Drone strikes and their consequences.

Tuesday, July 3


Requiem for a Russian Spy

A CIA veteran remembers his Soviet nemesis, Leonid Vladimirovich Shebarshin, who was the chairman of the KGB for a single day during the 1991 coup against Gorbachev, and committed suicide in Moscow in March.

Saturday, June 16


Lieutenant Accused of Murdering 109 Civilians

Revealing the murder of 109 Vietnamese civilians during a 1968 search-and-destroy mission on a rumored Viet Gong stronghold, often referred to in military circles as Pinkville, actually the village of My Lai.

Friday, June 8


America's Last Prisoner of War

The story of Bowe Bergdahl, a soldier who walked off his base in Afghanistan only to be captured by the Taliban.

Saturday, June 2


The Paris Review, the Cold War and the CIA

Uncovered letters reveal ties between the literary magazine and the CIA’s Congress for Cultural Freedom.

Tuesday, May 29


The Great Taliban Jailbreak

On the escape of hundreds of insurgents from Kandahar’s Sarposa Prison through a tunnel dug from the outside, and an unlikely suspect: the jail’s former warden.

Tuesday, May 22


Jamming Tripoli

Inside Moammar Gadhafi’s secret surveillance network.

Monday, May 21


The Yankee Comandante

The story of William Morgan: American, wanderer, Cuban revolutionary.

Friday, May 18


The Most Dangerous Game

The parallel lives of a KGB defector and his CIA handler.

Wednesday, May 9


The Growing Menace

On the ground with U.S. troops in Afghanistan.