Tuesday, January 6


Enemy Aliens

The history of civilian internment camps.

Monday, December 29


The Tragedy of the American Military

The United States fights wars it can’t win using soldiers it doesn’t know.

Sunday, December 28


A Road Trip Across America

Reporting on the “American Way of Life,” two years after the end of World War II.

Saturday, December 13


Inside Monopoly's Secret War Against the Third Reich

Christopher Clayton Hutton hatched a plan to deliver Monopoly boards to British prisoners of war. The games were advertised as a diversion, but really they offered a way out.

Friday, December 12


The Making of a Narco State

Following the money and the opium in Afghanistan.

Thursday, December 11


Isis: The Inside Story

An Islamic State senior commander reveals the terror group’s origins.

Wednesday, December 10


Why No One Remembers the Peacemakers

Why do we honor dead soldiers rather than the fighters who deserted and the activists who demanded peace?

Saturday, December 6


In and Out of Time in Iraq

An essay on PTSD.

Wednesday, December 3


Iraq: The New War

A 2003 essay that foreshadows the emergence of the Islamic State a decade later – an insurgency incited by American policy in Iraq during the early days of the war.

Saturday, November 29


The Jihad Cult: Why Young Germans Are Answering Call to Holy War

More than 500 Germans, including a former rapper named Deso Dogg, have joined ISIS in Syria.

Saturday, November 22


Losing the War

An essay, originally published over two issues, on how and why we forget war.

Wednesday, November 19


The 'Caliphate's' Colonies: Islamic State's Gradual Expansion into North Africa

“The Jihad route leads from Tunisia via Tripoli into Turkey and on to Syria. Thousands have followed the path into Syria, and only a few have returned.”