Monday, May 5


Hell Is an Understatement

A dispatch from the Central African Republic.

Friday, April 25


Remember His Name

The life and death of Pat Tillman.

Monday, April 21


What We Left Behind

On the future of Iraq.

Sunday, April 20


"Ugh. I Miss It."

One man's transition from military to civilian life.

Previously: Eli Saslow on the Longform Podcast.

Friday, April 18


The Death of Rodríguez

An execution in war-torn Cuba.

Saturday, March 29


He Remade Our World

Dick Cheney and the political history of warrantless surveillance.

Friday, March 28


The Interpreters We Left Behind

The fight to grant asylum to the translators who worked—and sometimes fought—alongside U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tuesday, March 25


The Chaos Company

Embedded with G4S, the world’s largest private army.

Friday, March 14


The Man in the Bomb Suit

Embedded with a U.S. bomb squad in Baghdad.

The story that inspired The Hurt Locker.

Thursday, February 13


How to Build a Perfect Refugee Camp

Why do Syrian civilians in a Turkish camp live in relative luxury?

Monday, January 27


Digging for Their Lives

With up to four million World War II soldiers considered missing in action on the Eastern front, a group of Russian volunteers vows to unearth, identify and properly bury their remains.

Friday, January 24


This Is Danny Pearl’s Final Story

Investigating the murder of a friend and colleague.