Monday, August 18


The French and Indian War in Pittsburgh: A Memoir

On a childhood fascination with the mid-18th century battle.

Saturday, August 16


The War Photo No One Would Publish

When Kenneth Jarecke photographed the charred remains of an Iraqi soldier during the Gulf War, he thought it might help challenge the popular narrative of a clean, uncomplicated battle. He was wrong.

Wednesday, August 13


The Most Wanted Man in the World

Catching up with Edward Snowden in Moscow.

Sunday, August 10


Nothing Says "Sorry Our Drones Hit Your Wedding Party" Like $800,000 and Some Guns

Untangling the aftermath of a United States drone strike in Yemen.

Friday, August 8


How Libya Blew Billions and Its Best Chance at Democracy

Following Muammar Qaddafi’s death in 2011, Libya had hundreds of billions of dollars. This is the story of how it was erased.

Previously: David Samuels on the Longform Podcast.

Thursday, August 7


While The World Watched

The World Cup and Argentina’s “Dirty War.”

Friday, July 25


"Then I Saw Them Everywhere. Children’s Belongings Were Everywhere.”

How the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 rippled around the world, from the the battlefield of Ukraine to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to the White House.

Thursday, July 17


The Forgotten Internment

During World War II, the indigenous Aleut people were forced into camps. 10% died.

Wednesday, July 16


Interview: I Was A Separatist Fighter In Ukraine

A conversation with one of Russia’s “little green men”: a 24-year-old recruited to fight in Eastern Ukraine.

Sunday, July 6


In NSA Net, Ordinary Web Users Eclipse Legal Targets

In the latest revelation from Edward Snowden, the U.S. government is shown to collect and retain massive amounts of data on nearly 900,000 people with the most minimal of connections to official NSA targets. The collected information tells our “stories of love and heartbreak, illicit sexual liaisons, mental-health crises, political and religious conversions, financial anxieties and disappointed hopes.”

Tuesday, July 1


How Did Michael Strange Really Die in Afghanistan?

A grieving father looks for answers.

Saturday, June 14


Can General Linder’s Special Operations Forces Stop the Next Terrorist Threat?

How America is trying to fight terrorism in Africa without doing any of the actual fighting.