Alice Gregory

8 articles

The Soho House Plan for World Domination

A reporter lounges at the exclusive club for months to study the beautiful people sipping rosé poolside—and whether they’re actually doing any work.


Found Money

On cattle auctions, reality TV and coming of age during the Great Recession.


Pictures from an Institution

On Leon Botstein and the future of Bard College, which he has run for four decades.


Naked and Famous

A profile of photographer Ryan McGinley.



A visit to the massive Northern California surf break.


Interview: Renata Adler

“I never attacked anyone weak. Only bullies, secure in their courts, bureacracies, fifedoms.”


On the Market

An essay on working at Sotheby’s.

Art pricing is not absolute magic; there are certain rules, which to an outsider can sound parodic. Paintings with red in them usually sell for more than paintings without red in them. Warhol’s women are worth more, on average, than Warhol’s men. The reason for this is a rhetorical question, asked in a smooth continental accent: “Who would want the face of some man on their wall?”


Sad as Hell

"I have the sensation, as do my friends, that to function as a proficient human, you must both 'keep up' with the internet and pursue more serious, analog interests."

An essay on technology’s reach into daily life.