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Andrew Rice

8 articles

Stash Pad

How New York real estate became the new Swiss bank account.


Damien Hirst: Jumping the Shark

The market for Hirst’s work is in a tailspin. Why?


Anatomy of a Campus Coup

The failed deposal of a university president.


How the New York Film Academy Discovered Gold in the Developing World

On the trade school’s business model and its founder, a former movie producer named Jerry Sherlock.


A Scorsese in Lagos

On the difficult challenges faced by an auteur in Nigeria’s burgeoning Nollywood film economy.


The Saving of Ground Zero

If the memory of the Twin Towers now belongs to the world, the story of how they have been replaced is entirely of New York: a tale of power, capital, shifting allegiances, and hallowed ground.

Life on the Line

The intertwined destinies of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez.


The Long Interrogation

In the 1970s, Kelbessa Negewo was a midlevel administrator in Ethiopia’s brutal Red Terror regime. In the 1990s, he was a bellhop in an Atlanta hotel. Then someone he had tortured back home recognized him.


The Convict and the Congressman

How did a Kentucky entrepreneur, a Louisiana politician, and the vice president of Nigeria end up in one of the biggest scandals to hit America’s black elite in decades?