Barry Bearak

7 articles

For Thrill Seekers, a Bull Run With a Different Hook

How to get Americans to “pay $45 to $75 to run for their lives from 1,500-pound, bad-tempered beasts.”


The Jockey

A profile of Russell Baze, the winningest jockey in American history.


Caballo Blanco’s Last Run: The Micah True Story

The search for a missing ultramarathoner in New Mexico’s Gila Wilderness, and the life that lead him there.


The Living Nightmare

The story of Olympic boxing hopeful Quanitta Underwood, who was sexually abused by her father as a child.


Watching the Murder of an Innocent Man

In a shantytown near Johannesburg, an angry mob committed a horrifying crime that was caught on video.


Head Trip

In his first Major League at bat, Adam Greenberg was hit in the head with a fastball. He never made it back.