Bryan Gruley

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The Incredible Rise and Final Hours of Fracking King Aubrey McClendon

He made billions. He lost billions. He was fired as CEO of the company he created. And on March 2, just hours after he was accused of rigging oil deals, he died in a one-car crash.


Twilight of the Pizza Barons

Tom Monaghan started Domino’s. Mike Ilitch started Little Caesers. Both became billionaires, both live in Detroit, both are now over 75. They’ve made very different decisions about how to spend their fortunes.


The Battle for Best Buy, the Incredible Shrinking Big Box

The rise and (potential) fall of the electronics superstore.


Kim Dotcom, Pirate King

Dotcom didn’t look like a criminal genius. With his ginger hair, chubby cheeks, and odd fashion sense—he often wore black suits and white-on-black wingtip shoes—he looked like he should be setting up a magic table.

How Kim Schmitz, the proprietor of Megaupload, made his fortune and landed in a New Zealand prison.


The Man Who Bought North Dakota

A profile of Harold Hamm, oil baron.