Cord Jefferson

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Best of Luck

On realizing you’re going to die.


On Kindness

A son’s love letter to his sick mom.


Don't Stop Running

An argument for trying.


I Used to Love Her, But I Had to Flee Her

The psychic benefits of leaving New York.


Ask A Mormon! A Conversation

But you were drinking and having premarital sex, right? Isn’t that kind of an indirect way of questioning your faith? Is disobeying questioning? It can be, but I don't think I was really pondering questions of faith when I started drinking in high school, and the premarital sex didn't actually happen until after I graduated. I think looking back the answer is yes, I was looking at other options. But I didn't think about it in those terms then. I think lots of people of every faith experiment in these ways but ultimately decide to embrace their religion.