Dan Barry

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Two men entered the ring for their first professional boxing match. Only one survived.


A Fighter’s Hour of Need

An account of the 60 minutes after a heavyweight fight at Madison Square Garden that left one boxer with permanent brain damage.


The 'Boys' in the Bunkhouse

For decades, dozens of men with intellectual disabilities lived in an old schoolhouse and did gruesome work in a turkey plant for subminimum wage. No one noticed.


In the Eye of a Firestorm

An investigative look at the killing of Trayvon Martin.


A Last Whiff of Fulton's Fish, Bringing a Tear

On the closing of New York's Fulton Fish Market.
It smells of truck exhaust and fish guts. Of glistening skipjacks and smoldering cigarettes; fluke, salmon and Joe Tuna's cigar. Of Canada, Florida, and the squid-ink East River. Of funny fish-talk riffs that end with profanities spat onto the mucky pavement, there to mix with coffee spills, beer blessings, and the flowing melt of sea-scented ice. This fragrance of fish and man pinpoints one place in the New York vastness: a small stretch of South Street where peddlers have sung the song of the catch since at least 1831, while all around them, change. They were hawking fish here when an ale house called McSorley's opened up; when a presidential aspirant named Lincoln spoke at Cooper Union; when the building of a bridge to Brooklyn ruined their upriver view.

Looking Behind the Mug-Shot Grin of an Accused Killer

The transfiguration of Jared Loughner.


Sex Shops Survive a Cleanup

Rudy Giuliani’s crackdown on the New York City sex industry was supposed to be a cornerstone of his legacy. Then smut shops and strip clubs read the ordinance’s fine print.