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Dan P. Lee

14 articles

Who Is Su

Life after losing your memory at 22.


Where It Hurts

On director Steve McQueen and his film 12 Years a Slave.


The Camera's Cusp

Filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón and his four years of production on Gravity.


Welcome to the Real Space Age

The era of personal space travel finally arrives.


Listening to Beck

A profile of Beck on the eve of his new album and nearly 20 years after the release of “Loser.”


4:52 on Christmas Morning

A father’s life, one year after the death of his three daughters in a fire.


Sex: The Multiplicity of Desire

A survey of sex on a Saturday night in New York City.


‘I Just Want to Feel Everything’

A profile of Fiona Apple.



An investigation into how a 19-year-old college freshman ended up buried in a landfill.


The Good Seed

A 21-year-old falls into a coma from which he’ll never emerge. His mother, desperate to grant his wish of becoming a father, has his sperm preserved. Two years later, after a fruitless search for other alternatives, she finds a willing doctor and tries one last option: carrying her son’s child herself.


After the Rapture

A profile of Harold Camping, a Christian radio host who (falsely) predicted the end of the world.


Paw Paw & Lady Love

The life and death of Anna Nicole Smith.


Who Killed Ellen Andros?

A woman is killed. Her husband is accused. A famous/infamous medical examiner investigates.

What’s going on here isn’t just science. It’s something deeper, something stranger, something at the same time both terrifying and fascinating.


Body Snatchers

Intended for cremation, 244 bodies are instead harvested for organs and tissue. The story of the families of the dead, the men who profited off the scheme, and the unwitting recipients of black market body parts.


Travis the Menace

The life story of Travis the chimp and the family of tow truck operators who raised him like a human child before it all ended in tragedy.