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How the Hero of Friday Night Lights Won and Lost His Good Name

Brian Chavez was supposed to be the one who made it out of Odessa. It didn’t turn out that way.

Previously: The original "Friday Night Lights" article, from 1990, reprinted on Longform.

The Player Whose Bell Stayed Rung

Football-related brain damage made Rickie Harris fall from the heights of the NFL to serving a DUI sentence in his ex-wife’s basement.



The evolution of cheating in chess.


Wilt vs. Elgin: When Their World Was the Playground

On the lost pickup basketball games in D.C. between Wilt Chamberlain and Elgin Baylor, then both still in college, during the summer of 1957.


The Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder

An encyclopedic evisceration of the NFL owner and former Six Flags chairman.