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David Grann

14 articles

The Chameleon

Frédéric Bourdin was an imposter. His "trail of cons," for which he used five languages and dozens of identities, extended for years across Europe and America.


To Die For

Robert Blake, Bonny Lee Bakley, and the misery of celebrity.


Prosecutorial Indiscretion

The story of Donald Smaltz, an independent prosecutor run amok.


The Yankee Comandante

The story of William Morgan: American, wanderer, Cuban revolutionary.


Crimetown, U.S.A.

The mob and Youngstown, Ohio: a love story.


Mysterious Circumstances

The world’s foremost Sherlock Holmes expert found dead in a locked room, leaving no note.

There was something else, he said, something critical. On the eve of his death, he reminded me, Green had spoken to his friend Keen about an "American" who was trying to ruin him. The following day, Gibson said, he had called Green's house and heard a strange greeting on the answering machine. "Instead of getting Richard's voice in this sort of Oxford accent, which had been on the machine for a decade," Gibson recalled, "I got an American voice that said, 'Sorry, not available.


Baseball Without Metaphor

A profile of Barry Bonds published as the steroid talk intensified.


The Lost City of Z

A mystery embedded deep within the Amazon.


A Murder Foretold

Rodrigo Rosenberg, a highly respected corporate attorney in Guatemala, began, in the spring of 2009, to prophesy his own murder. The unraveling of a political conspiracy.


The Brand

How a tiny inner core made the Aryan Brotherhood the most feared prison gang in America; coded messages, murders on the outside, and the knowledge that those who are already in for life cannot be punished further.


Giving "The Devil" His Due

Emmanuel “Toto” Constant, the founder of a barbaric Haitian paramilitary group, vanished from Port-au-Prince and resurfaced as a real estate agent in Queens.


The Squid Hunter

An obsessive marine biologist gambles his savings, family, and sanity on a quest to be the first to capture a live giant squid.


The Mark of a Masterpiece

The man who keeps finding famous fingerprints on uncelebrated works of art.


Trial By Fire

The arson case that may have led Texas to execute an innocent man.