Deborah Sontag

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Once a Pariah, Now a Judge

The life of Phyllis Frye, a pioneer in the fight for transgender rights.


Addiction Treatment With a Dark Side

A recent history of ‘bupe’ Suboxone film, which is described as a miracle cure for opiate addiction but flows freely from for-profit clinics to dealers and inmates, sometimes melted into the pages of smuggled Bibles.


A Schizophrenic, a Slain Worker, Troubling Questions

A schizophrenic man kills his counselor at a group home in Massachusetts:

Many people wondered aloud whether the system had failed both the suspect and the victim. How had Ms. Moulton ended up alone in a home with a psychotic man who had a history of violence and was off his medication? How had Mr. Chappell been allowed to deteriorate without setting off alarms?