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Evan Ratliff

6 articles

The Mark

On then-agent, now-congressman Michael Grimm and what happens when an F.B.I. informant turns out to be a con man.



“I shared my plans with no one, not my girlfriend, not my parents, not my closest friends. Nobody knew the route I was taking out of town, where I was going, or my new name. If I got caught, it would be by my own mistakes.” A writer’s attempt to disappear for a month with a $5,000 bounty on his head.


The Zombie Hunters

Tracking cyberextortionists and their roving swarms of bots.


Taming the Wild

The search for the genetic distinction that allows certain animals, humans included, to be domesticated.



Most military experts agree that robots, not people, will inevitably do the fighting in ground wars. In Tennessee, a high-end gunsmith is already there. The story of Jerry Baber and his robot army.