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Looking for Hemingway

On George Plimpton and the founders of The Paris Review.

Early in the fifties another young generation of American expatriates in Paris became twenty-six years old, but they were not Sad Young Men, nor were they Lost; they were the witty, irreverent sons of a conquering nation.

Mr. Bad News

A profile of New York Times obituary writer Alden Whitman.


Charlie Manson’s Home on the Range

George Spahn and his California ranch, before and after the Manson family showed up.


The Loser

A profile of the boxer Floyd Patterson, after a painful loss to Sonny Liston.


Peter O'Toole on the Ould Sod

After two years of filming Lawrence of Arabia, Peter O'Toole returns to his childhood home in Ireland.

Plus: 50 years later, Gay Talese remembers the late Peter O'Toole.


Frank Sinatra Has a Cold: Annotated

The 1966 Esquire profile, with notes from the author.

On Thursday, October 10, Gay Talese will tape a live episode of the Longorm Podcast at NYU. The event is free and open to the public.


Gay Talese, The Art of Nonfiction No. 2

The original new journalist on his start at the Times, his daily writing routine, and why he’s always taken notes on shirt boards.


The Silent Season of a Hero

The complicated post-retirement life of Joe DiMaggio.