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Graeme Wood

6 articles

How Gangs Took Over Prisons

Maintaining order behind bars.


Hell Is an Understatement

A dispatch from the Central African Republic.


Death at the Summit

The rise and fall of Intrade, the betting market for world events—elections, hurricanes, Academy Awards—and the death of its CEO near the top of Everest.



Inside the world of high-priced online reputation management.


Subu Must Die

How Georgia halted its drug epidemic, but not its addicts–and what the U.S. might learn from their efforts.


Joseph Kony's Long Walk To, and From, Hell

The Ugandan rebel Lord’s Resistance Army, drawn mostly from kidnapped children, has proved as elusive as it is barbaric.


Prison Without Walls

Is letting convicts roam free under electronic surveillance better than putting them behind bars?