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Hanna Rosin

7 articles

The Overprotected Kid

At a playground in North Wales, kids are mostly left alone to experiment with fire, jump from great heights and play in a creek. It’s designed to teach the value of taking risks, a lesson many American children have stopped learning.


Murder by Craigslist

How a serial killer and his teenage accomplice used listings for “the job of a lifetime” to lure their victims, all down-and-out single men, to the backwoods of Ohio.


Who Wears the Pants in This Economy?

When jobs vanish, Southern men find new ways to contribute.


American Murder Mystery

An investigation into rising crime rates in small American cities. Is a lauded antipoverty program to blame?


Good Ol' Girl

A profile of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.


A Boy’s Life

Since he could speak, 8-year-old Brandon has insisted that he was meant to be a girl. This summer, his parents decided to let him grow up as one.


The End of Men

As of this year, more women than men are in the U.S. workforce. More women are managers and more women are earning college degrees. Here’s why.