Ian Frazier

6 articles

A Kielbasa Too Far

If you don’t get sick, was it really a vacation?


Hidden City

The homeless population of New York City is higher than it’s been in decades. Nobody seems to notice.


The Last Days of Stealhead Joe

On the troubled, legendary Deschutes River fly-fishing guide.


Legacy of a Lonesome Death

In 1963, William Zantzinger was convicted of manslaughter in the death of Hattie Carroll and then immortalized – and somewhat defamed – by Bob Dylan. What’s he been up to since then?


Typewriter Man

The need for a new letter on an old manual machine leads the author to the shop of Martin Tytell, now in his seventh decade as repairman, historian, and high priest of typewriters.


Hogs Wild

A cultural history of feral swine.