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Jay Caspian Kang

9 articles

Ending College Sexual Assault

On the president’s campaign to crack down on campus rape.


What Happened at Brian Holloway's House?

Searching for the real reason why a bunch of kids partying at the empty home of an NFL player became a national story.


The Great Red Hype

On boxer Canelo Alvarez.


Should Reddit Be Blamed for the Spreading of a Smear?

The misidentification of a Boston Marathon bomber and the future of breaking news.


The End and Don King

The crumbling of an American icon.


That Other School Shooting

On former nursing student One L. Goh, who killed six people at Oikos University in Oakland, California, and what it means to the Korean immigrant community.


The Next Jeremy Lin?

On high school basketball star Chris Tang and the pressures of being the “Great Yellow Hope.”


A Question of Identity

On the “unfair significance” of Jeremy Lin.


Online Poker's Big Winner

A profile of 21-year-old Dan Cates, who made $5.5 million playing 145,215 hands in 2010.