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Crush Point

Why people stampede, and what can be done to prevent “crowd disasters.”

John Seabrook on the Longform Podcast

Mr. Pop

He created the template for contemporary hit-making, made Ace of Base the biggest group in the world, and mentored the most successful songwriter since the Beatles. Why have you never heard of Denniz Pop? Excerpted from The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory.


Blank Space

The most successful songwriter of the last twenty years is a forty-four year old Swede, Max Martin.


Death of a Giant

Stalking bluefin tuna, the most valuable wild animal in the world.


Factory Girls

On the rise of K-pop.


The Song Machine

How a hit Rihanna single gets made.


Streaming Dreams

On YouTube’s shift towards professionally created content.


My First Flame

An early take on the dark side of cyberspace:

Like many newcomers to the "net"--which is what people call the global web that connects more than thirty thousand on-line networks--I had assumed, without really articulating the thought, that while talking to other people through my computer I was going to be sheltered by the same customs and laws that shelter me when I'm talking on the telephone or listening to the radio or watching TV. Now, for the first time, I understood the novelty and power of the technology I was dealing with.