Katherine Boo

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The Churn

A Texas border town fails to keep up.


Swamp Nurse

In the bayou south of New Orleans, a program called the Nurse-Family Partnership tries to reverse the life chances for babies born into extreme poverty. Sometimes, it actually succeeds.


Opening Night

In the slums adjacent to Mumbai’s airport.


Interview: Katherine Boo

On the craft of reporting poverty.


Shelter and the Storm

Sometimes a writer does a really amazing piece that makes me jealous. Other times they do a piece that just makes me want to give up. Every time I read Katherine Boo I'm just glad that I don't even attempt to do narrative writing. It would be embarrassing to have anything I write put up against her. This dispatch from a refugee center for Katrina victims is heart wrenching and does more than anything else to bring home the psychological dimensions of American urban poverty.

-M. Yglesias


Between Roses in Mumbai

The story of a young man on the run in the slum he dreams of escaping.


The Marriage Cure

In an Oklahoma City neighborhood usually left off city maps, the federal government is implementing its $300 million anti-poverty plan: teaching poor Americans how to get married.