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Lester Bangs

6 articles

Lou Reed: A Deaf Mute in a Telephone Booth

The rock critic confronts his favorite musician.


Where Were You When Elvis Died?

A eulogy of sorts for the King.


Brian Eno: A Sandbox In Alphaville

A previously unpublished, 20,000-word interview with Eno.


How to be a Rock Critic & Here's How

Ah yes, you should also know that most of your colleagues are some of the biggest neurotics in the country, so you might as well get used right now to the way they're gonna be writing you five and ten page single spaced inflammatory letters reviling you for knocking some group that they have proved is the next Stones.

"Astral Weeks"

A decade later, on the then twenty-three-year-old Van Morrison’s 1968 album Astral Weeks.