Luc Sante

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The Mother Courage of Rock

On Patti Smith.

It was easy for lazy journalists to caricature her as a stringbean who looked like Keith Richards, emitted Dylanish word salads, and dropped names—a high-concept tribute act of some sort, very wet behind the ears. But then her first album, Horses, came out in November 1975, and silenced most of the scoffers.


Interview: Geoffrey O'Brien

A conversation on the Times Square of the ’50s and ’60s.


Between Hell and History

On Don DeLillo’s Underworld.


In Search of Lost Paris

“Most cities spread like inkblots; a few, such as Manhattan, grew in linear increments. Paris expanded in concentric rings, approximately shown by the spiral numeration of its arrondissements.”


My Lost City

When New York was perpetually on fire.