Luke O'Brien

4 articles

The Mayor vs. the Mogul

Mike Bloomberg goes back to work.


How to Lose $100 Million

The undoing of Tina Brown.


The Amazing Story of California's Greatest Cat Burglar

In 16 months, he has broken into more than a thousand homes up and down the San Fernando Valley. According to the police, his haul is worth anywhere from $16 million to $40 million. And yet because he has cultivated so many aliases, law-enforcement officials have been hard-pressed to learn his real name—Ignacio Peña Del Río—much less comprehend his unlikely background.

The King of Home Equity Fraud

How a Nigerian-American conned upwards of $40 million from banks during the housing boom using publicly available information from the internet, persuasive storytelling, and prepaid cellphones, and then ditched his FBI tail in a casino.