Maciej Ceglowski

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Shuffleboard at McMurdo

A visit to the American base in Antarctica, an “open-air museum of prefabricated regret.”

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What Happens Next Will Amaze You

A talk on personal data and the people who collect it:

"Let me ask a trick question. What was the most damaging data breach in the last 12 months? The trick answer is: it's likely something we don't even know about."

Web Design: The First 100 Years

Right now, never-ending technological progress feels inevitable. It isn’t. And that’s a good thing. A talk on the future of the internet.


No Evidence of Disease

Stephanie had cancer, until she didn’t.


The Social Graph is Neither

Relying on programmers to map real world social connections is like “hiring a Mormon bartender” and other observations on why our strange urge to document the nodes of friendship is doomed.


Anatomy of a Crushing

A technical, thrilling account of how Pinboard, a tiny bookmarking service, dealt with the fire hose of new users after news leaked that Yahoo would discontinue Pinboard’s massive rival, Delicious.