Meghan Daum

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All About My Mother

“For much of my life, there was something about my mother I felt almost allergic to. As she approached death, for the first time I found I didn’t merely love her, I actually liked her.”

Excerpted from The Unspeakable: And Other Subjects of Discussion.



Don’t read the comments.


Lena Dunham is Not Done Confessing

On the writer’s new book and tell-all style.


Music Is My Bag

A childhood spent with the oboe.


My Misspent Youth

Life, and debt, in New York.

I've historically been pretty good at getting by on what I have, especially if you apply the increasingly common definition of "getting by," which has more to do with keeping up appearances than keeping things under control. Like a social smoker whose supposedly endearing desire to emulate Marlene Dietrich has landed her in a cancer ward, I have recently woken up to the frightening fallout of my own romantic notions of life in the big city: I am completely over my head in debt. I have not made a life for myself in New York City. I have purchased a life for myself.