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Michael Hall

8 articles

The Murders at the Lake

In the summer of 1982, three Waco teenagers were savagely murdered for no apparent reason. Four men were ultimately charged with the crime. One was executed, two others were given life sentences, and a fourth was sent to death row only to be released after six years. They all may have been innocent.


The Mystery of Lightning Medicine Cloud

An investigation into the death of a sacred white buffalo and the man who raised it.



The life and times of Willie Nelson’s guitar.


Who Killed Mary Eula Sears?

Thirty years after the murder in Abilene, the question remains unanswered.


Falling Comet

The rise and fall of “Rock Around the Clock” singer Bill Haley.


Weird Science

The story of dog-scent lineup innovator Keith Pikett and the not-so-scientific science behind forensics.


The Soul of a Man

On the mysterious life story of blues icon Blind Willie Johnson and a half-century of attempts to fill in the blanks.


About a Boy

The life and death of Johnny Romano, the youngest pro skateboarder ever.