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Michael Paterniti

16 articles

The Suicide Catcher

There's an angel saving jumpers on an infamous bridge in China.



A journey to the Ukraine to learn from the world's tallest man.


The Dogs of War

On America’s combat canines and their handlers.


The Mountains Where Women Live as Men

On the burrneshas of Albania.


The Heartbreak Boys of Coogee Beach

Eleven members of an Australian rugby club traveled to Bali. After a bomb went off at a nightclub, only five of them made it home.


Never Forget

Visiting Cambodia, and a Khmer Rouge prison camp, 30 years after the genocide.


The 15-Year Layover

Mehran Karimi Nasseri was without a country, a family or a home. Then he landed at Terminal One at Charles de Gaulle Airport. The article that inspired The Terminal.


Thurman Munson In Sun And Shade

The last great brawling sports team in America—Reggie, Catfish, Goose, Gator, and the Boss—remember their fallen leader.


Sponsor: Michael Paterniti Answers Questions From His Editor

The author of The Telling Room: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, Revenge, and the World's Greatest Piece of Cheese, interviewed by his editor, Andy Ward, about storytelling, literary heroes, and why the book took him 10 years to write.


The Luckiest Village in the World

In 2011, just before Christmas, a tiny Spanish town won 120 million Euros in the lottery. A trip to the new Sodeto.


The Man Who Sailed His House

Two days after the Japanese tsunami, after the waves had left their destruction, as rescue workers searched the ruins, news came of an almost surreal survival: Miles out at sea, a man was found, alone, riding on nothing but the roof of his house.

Come to Happyland

Tourism in Burma? A journey through Asia’s most anesthetized state.


Inside Al Jazeera

The year of the revolution, from behind the camera.


The Boy from Gitmo

Depending on who you ask, Mohammed Jawad was either 12 or 17 when he was detained. Nobody disputes that he spent seven years at Guantánamo before he was exonerated. The story of a boy who grew up as a detainee.


The House That Thurman Munson Built

The life, death, and ghost of a catcher.