Mike Kessler

5 articles

Who’s Been Killing the Feral Peacocks of Palos Verdes?

A case of peafowl dividing a neighborhood.


Ghost Cat

On the mountain lions of Los Angeles.


Insane in the Membrane

The breathable outerwear industry is at war with Bob Gore—the inventor of Gore-Tex.


The Pest Who Shames Companies Into Fixing Security Flaws

A profile of Christopher Soghoian whose “productions follow a similar pattern, a series of orchestrated events that lead to the public shaming of a large entity—Google, Facebook, the federal government—over transgressions that the 30-year-old technologist sees as unacceptable violations of privacy.”


What Happened To Mitrice Richardson?

After acting erratically and trying to skip out on a dinner bill, she was detained briefly in Malibu before being released in the middle of the night. Twenty-four years old and in an unfamiliar area, she had no car, no phone, and no wallet. A year later, her body was found in a nearby canyon. On the search for answers.