Nadya Labi

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An IM Infatuation Turned to Romance. Then the Truth Came Out.

He was an 18 year old Marine bound for Iraq. She was a high school senior in West Virginia. They grew intimate over IM. His dad also started contacting her.  No one was who they claimed to be and it led to a murder.


The Hit Man’s Tale

How an honors student became a hired killer.


Rogue Element

How an anti-government militia grew on a U.S. Army base.


The Gentle People

How incest and rape go unpunished in the Amish community.


Want Your Kid to Disappear?

Inside a transport service for “problem” children:

In his first year of business, [Rick Strawn] escorted eight teens to behavior modification schools. Since then, his company has transported more than 700 kids between the ages of 8 and 17.


The Kingdom in the Closet

On gay life in Saudi Arabia.


Are You Sure You Want To Quit The World?

Li Dao, a young Minnesota nurse, appeared in suicide chat rooms, contacted the most desperate, and made pacts to die with them via webcam. After some in the forum caught on, Dao disappeared; or rather, Dao had never existed at all. She was a middle-aged man. And he may have encouraged and witnessed dozens of live suicides.


The Snatchback

If your ex-spouse takes your child and hightails it abroad, the legal system often isn’t on your side. So what can you do? One option: hire a former Army ranger named Gus Zamora to take back your kid.


Jihad 2.0

In the wake of 9/11, terrorist networks moved their recruitment and training efforts online, giving birth to Jihad-geeks like Irhabi_007.